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Yufu Triptych


mountains and rivers

without end

past window –

bamboo forests

rice fields under bridges

train rolls in


watching, silent


steam rises from the surface

heat flushes naked flesh

lull of distant traffic

far above –

moonlit peak


watching, silent


morning –

taxis, rickshaws, tourists, madmen

basked in sunlight

over Yunotsubo Kaidou


watching, silent


riff on several letters…

Hopped off at Hong Kong, mist-shrouded mountains – wanted to run off  scrawl verse on side of rock-faces like crazy old Han-shan drunk on moonlight.

Touched down in downtown Tenjin – heat, humidity and rain – soaked in dazing newness of it all.

Tonight got lost in neon wilderness, did i know this place several lives ago yet at same time utterly foreign to me?

Across the street large, fierce Dharma-protector – blood in his eyes. Doesn’t know either (or perhaps he does?)

Next Morning – real reason i’m here. Train station 0520 to Futsukaichi, dawn light prostrations and Daikyo. Always encounter. Always pure. Always blind.

Then Tochoji – big wooden Daibutsu. Lit three incense, candle, bow. Rang the bell, broke the void –




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on departing to Japan for a year or more…

saying farewell

to friends and loved ones

i think of Issa’s World of Dew


tears run down my cheeks

as softly as

the nembutsu from my lips


– db (19.08.11)

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rock lifting

Sweat dripping from the brow

ants crawl out of asphalt’s cracks and –

“1-2-3” we lift

pipes as leverage

turn slighty, rest and dig more soil

at a distance, up close, to the side

try to feel its mind

hear its heart beating

grip around, push

an inch further

and lower – “there”

birdshit on the wall

sticky sap of ancient lime tree

shining on red brick

micha glistening

in the sun.

~ db

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pine needle sutra

Thought I’d find Kitsune

round back of zen garden

instead here’s Jishin-san –

thin and gaunt

eating pine needles

wild bearded laughter…

Wild laughter
cracks open the void
a shower of pine needles
is all that remains

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